End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning in Perth

Make your landlord happy & get your bond money back! How? Easy.Call our end of lease cleaning service in Perth

All the arrangements and the process of moving your house causes you enough trouble, so why think about cleaning it as well? It’s our end of lease cleaners’ job to ensure that you leave the property in immaculate condition, so you get your bond back in full. Our teams will meticulously clean every corner of your house to pristine results

Sweep the floor (vacuum, mop), wipe skirting boards
Dust blinds, windows, sills, if reachable by the cleaner

Remove spider webs, wipe doors, door frames, handles
Even the little details, like door handles and light switches, for instance, will be wiped and disinfected

Сlеаn bаthrооm, wаѕh tіlеѕ, сlеаn аnd dіѕіnfесt tоіlеt bоwl, сlеаn ѕhоwеr/bаthtub, сlеаn mіrrоr, wіре аnd роlіѕh ѕіnk
Dusting and cleaning appliances in/out (fridge, microwave, oven, dishwasher, washing machine)

Wipe down kitchen sink, tap and wash limescale
All living areas will be taken care of with professional attention to the smallest detail

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WAUS Cleaning Solutions is your perfect choice for your end of lease cleaning needs, in and around Perth.

On top of that, the WAUS Cleaning Solutions offer you a 72-hour guarantee on end of lease cleaning after completion. In other words, in the unlikely event of you or your landlord being unsatisfied with the cleaning, we’ll send our bond cleaners again to finish the job absolutely free of charge.

Over our many years of experience in the customer service industry, we have earned the trust of numerous clients. Trust is hardly won, but the superb standards of our Perth-based end of lease cleaning service have proven time and again that we are more than able to satisfy all your cleaning needs.

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